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Career Objective: Business Automation through Analysis, Program Management, Technical Research, and Software Development.

    Core Development Skills and Technologies
  • Windows: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, IIS, MS-Office, SQL Server including the use of cursors within stored procedures, API calls, extensive use of code to manipulate SQL.
  • Internet: IIS, HTML, XML/XSL, Javascript, VBscript, ASP.Net, SQL Server, ASPmail, Web Services
  • Multiple Client/Server database projects completed for Northrop Grumman, T Rowe Price, Baltimore Spice, and others.
  • Internet projects completed for Baltimore Spice, and others.
  • Routing of database forms from person to person, department to department using email.
  • Employee signatures, Sign-offs, using Windows logon API calls, or, for the internet, cookies.
  • Document routing using business rules for rapid review, approval, and processing.
  • Baltimore Spice Purchase Order application allows for paperless procurement.
  • Additional information located at:
  • Account Summary, and Detail reporting using MS-Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, XML, XSL
  • Reconciliation applications
  • Filter/Sort, Slice & Dice reporting dialogs using VB or C# to manipulate MS-Access or Crystal Reports
    Sales Force Automation
  • Custom built CRM Management Applications/Databases and Workflow Systems
  • Database replication and synchronization for remote (laptop) operations
  • Email Advertising ( like Eddie Bauer's)
  • Web Pages
MS Finance
BS Industrial Engineering
APICS certified CPIM
Dale Carnegie Course in Human Relations
Spanish Language Study 1992- 2000

    Software Developer, Spice and Seasoning Company, February 2000 - August 2003
  • Acted as the company's sole software developer, and technical guru responsible for business analysis, technical research, problem definition, and resolution to include interaction with ERP, and software vendors.
  • Created a workflow system to approve purchase orders, to process product development requests, and to resolve problems with material. Employees are selected for the workflow to review, approve, or process a request based on document attributes like sales territory, requestor’s department, etc. The document routing ensures that each selected employee receives notification by email to act on a document. User sign-offs are indicated using the user Windows Logon, or, for the internet, a cookie.
  • Created Sales and Accounts Receivable reporting using MS-Access, and SQL Server. An object-oriented approach allows users to create a myriad of reports from a single dialog that allows for filtering, sorting, selection of summary field headings, and an option to include details that explain summary calculations. Summary options include yearly, monthly, and weekly time buckets.
  • Created a VB.Net application, CostCalc, to assist product technologists in creating new product formulas, and to aid them in formulating FDA compliant labels. This application adds, and removes columns – a task well suited to ADO.Net., and the Data Grid control.
  • Created a VB.Net application to email customers sales order confirmations. The email contained a sales order link to a ASP.Net web page to display the order details. The email also contained a marketing piece created in HTML effectively using the sales order confirmation as advertising space.
  • Created a commodity tracking application using ASP.Net that hides certain columns based on user profile.
  • Created a PO Requisition system utilizing XSL and XML constructed by an ASP page to dynamically sort, and select web page data.
  • Received notification of application errors using a Web Service that emails the error messages.
  • Created applications that schedule delivery, create reports, and email them to selected recipients.
  • Created client/server forms that display inside of email, and connect to a database using a Web Service.
    Consultant to T. Rowe Price, Acuity Technology, November 1998 - February 2000
    Responsible for the business analysis, and software development of 401(k) related applications in support of marketing operations and customer service groups. Enhanced reporting capabilities, and data entry validation for the Traffic Coordination department whose mission is to track 401(k) plan ‘kits’ through design, printing, collation, and mailing. A MS-Access database provided the basis for tracking 1500 kit types on behalf of 250 clients. Data entry screens were designed using an object-oriented methodology. A filtering dialog was constructed for each data entry screen to filter and sort data, and to access reports. Created a MS-Access database to track TRP users and clients accessing a CAIS web site. Reconciled MS-Access data with a Lotus Notes’ database using the Lotus Notes’ object library.

    Consultant to Northrop Grumman, Sycom, Inc., March 1997 - October 1998
    Developed the following applications to support semi-conductor fabrication using MS-Visual Basic, MS-Office, and 3rd party software tools: a sales database to track customers, orders, purchase orders, and production lots; a lot tracking report using a combination of mainframe and MS-Access data; a calibration database to report equipment requiring re-calibration. Contributed to the expansion of other databases to include: parts pick lists, wafer mapping, routing documentation, ISO9000 requirements.

Steve Rutz