SOFTWARE for Load Lists at Tent & Event companies and for other purposes as well.



Basic Instructions

  1. Download and install the .Net framework unless you have it installed.
  2. Download the 30-day trial. Place the files anywhere on your local drive.
  3. Locate LoadList.exe and double-click it. The application should open as long as the .Net framework is present on the same machine.
  4. Right-click on either of the white boxes (tree views) in the Load List screen.
  5. Select 'File' then 'Open' from the menu. Navigate to the Bill-of-Material.xml file located in the 'sample files' folder. This file needs a minute to load due to the many tents and component parts within the file. 
  6. In the 2nd white box (tree view), right-click, and from the menu select 'New' to create a new file, or, preferrably, select 'file' then 'open', and navigate to the barracuda.xml file.
  7. Expand the Bill-of-material node, like you would in Windows explorer. Then expand the node 'Tent styles', then expand 'Century PP', expand 100' x 220' Century PP. See all the part nodes! The part quantities needed by the tent have been set.  
  8. Drag the 100' x 220' Century PP node from the tree view to a node in the second tree view. Note that the parts travel with the parent node!
  9. Right-click on either of the white boxes and select 'Report' from the menu. A composite list of items from the tree view (white box) should open in your web browser. A combined total for all the parts from the tents available in the view (white box) should be in the report.
  10. Contact me if you would like training using Windows Net Meeting - free for the duration of the trial.