This formulation tool allows rapid design of additional formulas by dragging top-level and sub-level components from one tree view to the other. The formula's component, child nodes, travel with the parent. The data is saved as XML. XML, is data, saved to a text file. The file can be emailed to other users, who, using a tool like the one below, can construct the same report(s). The illustration below demonstrates the application transposing the tree nodes, component parts of a tent & event company, into a composite list of parts to be delivered to an event party site. These parts will be loaded on a truck for later assembly into large event tents complete with lighting, stages, tables, chairs, linens, and silverware for outdoor weddings, graduations, and the like. Every business is a collection of products or services sold as sub-parts or sub-services that can be re-arranged into fresh proposal possibilities. Attributes like quantity, and price travel with each node as it is dragged individually from one tree view to the other. The attributes are used in the final report which in this case is a "truck load list" but could also be a proposal, inventory, bill-of-material, or formula. Download Sample