Accounting Departments and users of accounting reports need tools that 1) provide a method of querying the database, and 2) provide a method that applies the query results against pre-formatted report(s) for sales (accounts receivable) and expenses (accounts payable) .

 Steps to achieve this result are:

  1. Determine what fields from Accounts Receivable and Payable are seen as vital to determining business success. Generally useful determiners include customers, product families, products, sales personnel, suppliers.
  1. Provide these business determinates within a dialog that allows users to:
    1. Query the information using drop down boxes.
    2. Group AR or AP dollars into summary headings using the determinates selected from the report dialog. Include an option to display the results in quantities other than dollars, i.e. the weight or quantity sold or ordered.
  1. Apply the selected determinates and their filters against a standard report that varies with selections for grouping, and filtering of the information.

Typical Reporting Dialog

Typical Report Format using the dialog selections above